Talks and presentations

Talks and presentations

On this page you can access talks and presentations I offer on learning disability topics. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss options for presentations

Presenting the No Going Back talk, Sydney 2012

No Going Back

This has proved a popular talk on the history of learning disabilities, and how understanding it can help us better understand where we should be going.

I have given this talk in Scotland, Australia and the University of Hertfordshire.

The most recent iteration can be found here.


Inclusive Research

This is probably the most popular talk I offer since Kelley Johnson and I published Inclusive Research in Learning Disabilities: Past, Present and Futures in 2003.

Find an example of this talk here


Good Life for people with intellectual (learning) disabilities

This talk is based on the book Kelley Johnson and I published in 2010, Towards a Good Life for People with Intellectual Disabilities. Find it here


History of Learning Disabilities in the Twentieth Century

I gave this talk to 50 or so psychiatrists in 2016. It was well received.

Note the continuing themes.

Not enough money.

Importance of listening to families.

Ongoing threat of abuse.

And the wrong workforce.

Whatever policy regime is in place.